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What should the best web favorites look like?

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by: demo  2023-06-12 10:15(UTC)

What should the best web favorites look like? Let's clarify the premise of the discussion here, see: What is a web favorites/online bookmarking.

I am afraid that everyone's answer to this question is different. But in the understanding of favinavi, in addition to the basic functions of general network favorites (such as adding, editing, deleting, importing, exporting), it is to see the convenience of use.

What is convenience? The ultimate convenience is called convenience. What are web favorites used for? Of course, it is used to surf the Internet, translated into the vernacular, that is, you can use the fastest speed to access your favorite website.

How fast can it be fastest? Favinavi's understanding is just one click! One click in the true sense of the word.

Some people will say, this is nonsense! Which bookmark link is not a one-click jumper?

That's right, but I mean: after opening the browser (this time the click is not counted, because everyone uses a browser or browser-like software, so it is not counted), just one click. Specifically, if a certain prerequisite is met, the browser is opened, and the favorite website can be immediately accessed with another click.

It sounds like nothing, let me give you another example: the browser's own bookmarks bar, in the case of chrome, even if you have the Show bookmarks bar turned on in your settings, in general, you need at least 2 clicks to access specific bookmarks. Even if some browsers can directly display bookmarks below the address bar, have you ever thought about it, assuming that there are more bookmarks in favorites? For example, 50, it is impossible to display in one line, if multiple lines are displayed, and it takes up too much of the browser's own screen space, the space used by the browser to display the real web page content is crowded.

One or two clicks worse seems to be nothing, but for heavy Internet users, it seems that most people are still lazy, always hoping to do everything as convenient as possible, the faster the better.

This need for extreme laziness in human nature is the focus of Favinavi's attention. If the user sets the as the browser launch page, then you can truly achieve "one-click to fly", because the home page of favinavi is the user's favorites, open the browser, favinavi will try to display the user's favorites directly as much as possible, and the number of bookmarks displayed is pursued as much as possible, the more the better, and at the same time automatically count and display the most frequently visited bookmarks by users. In this way, basically, frequently visited websites are "one hit away", and even scrolling pages are basically not used.

The difference is not very important for light browser users. However, favinavi is mainly intended for those heavy Internet users, for those Internet users who have at least dozens of bookmarks in their favorites, and for lazy cancer patients who want to be lazy in everything. screenshot.

Intuitive display, the more the merrier, one-click direct, is the characteristic of Favinavi.

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