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An example of increasing productivity with the Favinavi web favorites sharing feature

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by: demo  2023-06-13 17:36(UTC)

Favinavi’s humanized network favorites provides a sharing function, that is, users can share their favorite and organized bookmarks with their classmates, colleagues or friends.

A leader who works in a local government department (let's call him "Director Zhang" for convenience), works for the quality management and supervision department of the local government. In order to ensure the legal compliance of their work, their departments need to frequently check the laws, regulations, and systems related to their profession. This content is distributed across different types of websites, including national, provincial, prefectural, municipal, and others. And the specific content of these regulations will continue to change over time, and if you do not follow up immediately, it may cause mistakes in work.

So the enthusiastic and willing to use his brains "Director Zhang" thought that if he built a web page, the commonly used legal websites and other commonly used website bookmarks in the work were brought together, and he was responsible for updating, editing, and combing, so that all colleagues in his government department, as long as they had the need to query relevant content, could directly visit this web page and quickly query the latest, most comprehensive and authoritative content.

However, building a website/page that everyone can access may not be easy or necessary. "Director Zhang" thought of his commonly used favinavi network favorites, which can be used to solve his work needs. So he specially registered a new Favinavi account to collect, categorize, organize relevant URL bookmarks, and then published the work-specific favorite sharing URL he created to hundreds of his colleagues. As a result, a set of dynamic 'laws and regulations' that can be adjusted at any time has been created, and colleagues can visit this sharing website at any time if they need to work, which greatly improves work efficiency. If necessary, colleagues can also use the 'one-click to my favorites' feature to add a bookmark directly to their Favinavi favorites for future access.

In addition to sharing your favorite bookmarks as a whole, favinavi can also choose some bookmarks at will to generate a special sharing set, which is more flexible and convenient.

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