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Import bookmarks to favinavi

lightbulb_outline From here, you can import HTML files that you have previously exported in favinavi or in standard bookmark format that you have exported from your browser, making it easy to share your URL collection in any place and using any browser.
How do I export bookmarks from my browser?
favinavi allows multiple imports, and if a directory with the same name exists, it will not be recreated, but bookmarks from that directory will be imported into an existing directory. Bookmarks with the same content can be imported into different directories.
If an identical bookmark already exists in the directory with the same name, it will not be added repeatedly. Bookmarks in the root directory will be imported into a directory named "favi_import_temp".
Currently favinavi is in the development and testing phase, and the current rules allow the creation of up to 64 directories and 1024 bookmarks per registered user. The extra part will not be imported.
Favinavi does not support multi-level subdirectories, if there are secondary or higher subdirectories, favinavi will transfer these subdirectories to the root directory.

Since the system will try to automatically match the favicon while importing bookmarks, if the number of imports is large, the import process will take a long time, please be patient.
Please select the bookmark file to import(.html/.htm):

Export bookmarks from favinavi

The last time you exported bookmarks from favinavi was: (UTC)

lightbulb_outline Here you can export the URL bookmarks saved in Favinavi as an HTML file that complies with the relevant standards, So that if you need it, you can import this file into your bookmarks in all major browsers you use.