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What are the features and advantages of Favinavi?

There are many online favorite websites or apps on the Internet, compared with other similar websites and tools, what are the advantages or features of Favinavi humanized network favorites? Let's give you a rough introduction.

1. Focus on a single field

Since the establishment of the website (founded in 2007, when the domain name was used), Favinavi has been focusing on the collection and management of online bookmarks, without distractions, and strives to refine and deepen the special function of network favorites within the scope of its ability.

2. Lazy people-oriented, adhere to characteristics, the pursuit of the ultimate

Favinavi is known as a user-friendly web favorite, and it is natural that people should be considered everywhere, and a good user experience is the first priority.

online-bookmarking screenshot

3. Custom bookmark icons

Bookmark (website) icon, in addition to making favorites more beautiful, the more important function is to facilitate users to quickly find and locate bookmarks. For various reasons, some bookmarks cannot be automatically matched by the system, favinavi allows users to upload custom icons, or choose the appropriate icon in the system icon library to use.

4. Fast! In addition to fast, or fast!

Network favorites website has a feature, that is, if the user collection is very small, such as only a dozen, two dozen bookmarks, then basically do not need to use the favorites website, only the browser comes with the favorites is basically enough. Users who really need to use the network favorites often collect hundreds of thousands of bookmarks.
This causes a problem: in order to facilitate the user to distinguish, find the target bookmark, network favorites sites often on the bookmark with the site icon to show the difference, on the one hand, can be more beautiful, on the other hand, there are more practical reasons: is to assist users to quickly locate the target bookmark. And in a page need to present hundreds of small icons, for the site is a nightmare. Anyone who has ever done a web page knows that if you don't do special optimization, the result is: the browser visits a page, but it needs to launch hundreds of requests and load images one by one slowly, which consumes traffic and makes the user feel very bad.
At the initial stage, favinavi, like other similar websites, used to save one by one website icon file on the server side and provide it to the browser to load when needed. Later, favinavi was determined to solve this problem, so it adopted various technical methods (I won't go into the details, I guess no one is interested in them), and finally achieved fast loading of website icons. Now, even if the user has nearly 2000 bookmarks, all the bookmarks together with the site icons load very fast.

5. Keep up with the times and keep making progress

The old has been through the storm for more than ten years, once because I was busy with work, some late neglect to improve. As a result, it did not keep up with the trend of smart phone development, and once ignored the needs of mobile phone users to visit the website, the website page style is old, the support for mobile phones is very low, very unfriendly.
However, with the launch of the new domain name of, the website has also been completely remodeled, and the code has been completely rewritten, and the support of the website for mobile phones can be said to be different from the past. Now, whether you're using a phone, pad, or PC, you'll get basically the same browsing experience at Favinavi: the familiar style, or the familiar theme.

Favinavi deliberately takes care of the user's use experience in countless other details, and may not be the best yet, but Favinavi has a heart for progress, and I hope you gradually discover and feel in use.

After bragging about this, everyone is welcome to register the favinavi humanized network favorites to feel it, and support the webmaster for so many years to insist on being a little lonely.

If you have any suggestions for the site's functionality, please write your comments on the message board.