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You are preparing to log in to Favinavi's "demo" user account

All operations you do with the demo user account will not affect the actual content in the demo account, whether it is adding, editing, deleting or adjusting the display order of bookmarks or directories, etc., even if the webpage shows that you "operation successful".

This demo account is only for users who are not registered with Favinavi to experience the interface of Favinavi's user-friendly network favorites, and to be familiar with the main functions and operation methods of this website.

Even if you log out of your demo account, you will find that you will still see most of demo user's bookmarks (except for those directories or bookmarks that are set as "private"), which is not a bug, this is so that favinavi users can access their favorites as quickly as possible without having to log in every time.

If you are satisfied with Favinavi, register a new user to really use Favinavi.

Click the "OK" button in the login window to enter the favorites of demo users, I wish you a happy trial.
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