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Comparing the mobile adaptability of several Chinese web favorites

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by: fanshome  2023-06-14 02:56(UTC)

In the era of mobile phones, a website is still good to use, and whether you can get a good browsing experience on mobile phones is very critical.

In recent days, I have focused on the screen adaptation of my Favinavi website page, optimizing very, very much detail. Now that the optimization of screen adaptation has come to an end for the time being, I feel that I have done a good job, and then I tested it all with a few terminals (including PC/pad/mobile phone), well... The conclusion is really good, it can be said that it has achieved "humanization".

A little time, out of curiosity, I also want to see how other people do with this aspect of online favorites, hehe.

I won't mention the specific website name, in short, in addition to a relatively professional team to do a special focus on UI favorite websites, most of them can be said to be miserable, basically did not consider the automatic adaptation of the mobile phone, or it is more troublesome, need to download the app. It's really a little unexpected, I don't know if it's the era of mobile phones now?

After a slight turn, I felt very relieved in comparison. I have worked so hard to make the favinavi, of course, I dare not say that I have done the best, but I found that it is actually very unique. I believe that doing your own actual needs as the universal needs of users, although not a very market-oriented good method, is in line with the scientific outlook on development.

Personally make a summary to cheer myself up: compared with the seven or eight Chinese network favorites in the rough test, in terms of mobile terminal interface friendliness, if Favinavi claims to be the second, will anyone dare to claim the first?

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